Relocation Successes

These businesses have something to share about their successes with moving their offices. Whether it was a renovation that led to a beautiful new office or a part of the move process that went extremely well, these businesses shared what they got right!


Collaborative Space Done Right


As a way to boost collaboration among its nearly 1,000 staff members, Verisign implemented a variety of collaborative meeting areas throughout its new headquarters building.

The new office includes coffee bar gathering areas, open lounge seating, team rooms throughout the building and conference rooms. VeriSign was able to create an inviting environment for collaboration in both casual and formal environments.

Creative Purge Campaign


Reducing the load is important before an office relocation. But it’s not always easy to motivate your staff to purge papers and materials. When the Institute for Higher Education Policy relocated its office, they created a month-long purge campaign and encouraged staff to purge by awarding prizes for the oldest and weirdest found items, such as a blow-up dinosaur!

Donate vs. Trash


When Child Trends moved to a new office they found it was the perfect time to get rid of some unneeded furniture and other office items. Rather than trash usable furniture, they decided to donate it to other non-profit organizations. To do this, the organization worked with a mover that operates a furniture bank, which provides used furniture to non-profits free of charge. Although many items went to the furniture bank, Child Trends decided not to part with the hula hoops, which were left over from a staff retreat.

Successful Staff Orientation


Don’t underestimate the importance of holding a Staff Orientation Meeting on the first day of operations at your new office.

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors held a breakfast meeting after their move and passed out orientation packets to welcome staff to the new office and orient them to their new surroundings. The packet included security access cards, floor plan, new phone extension list, relocation support form, and other items.


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