“We relocated our national business office and fourteen staff from Atlanta, GA, to Tampa, FL, using Meridian Relocation.  We experienced an absolutely seamless transition and they were beyond exceptional and extraordinary. Meridian’s expertise was an absolute necessity to transition my business operating systems and equipment, and staff. Meridian is a must-have for any office relocation.”

William J. Carbone
Chief Executive Officer Amer.
Board of Physician Specialties



“I give Meridian Relocation five stars! I can’t imagine undergoing an office relocation without the help of Meridian Relocation. They were our key partner in overseeing the construction of our new facility and making it perfect for our organization to operate. They knew all of the pitfalls in the relocation process and were able to divert

problems and resolve issues immediately. This alone saved us much money and headaches. They streamlined the effort with their checklists, templates, charts and worksheets, and were always easily accessible and responsive to our needs.

Their industry expertise and involvement made all the difference in our success!”
Kathryn Burton
Executive Director
Society for Technical Communication


“We used Meridian Relocation for two office moves, and we’re sure glad we did. Meridian is great at focusing on the big-picture of moving our business operation systems

as well as taking care of all of the important details that can make or break the project. Meridian Relocation functioned as an outsourced staff member for our office relocation, since it’s a job in itself and would have overwhelmed our in-house staff. Meridian used a turn-key process with targeted team meetings and expert materialsthat helped us remain focused and on track so that the move occurred on time and on budget. We couldn’t have done it without Meridian.”

Michael Russell
Carmen Group



“Meridian Relocation is a valuable asset to any office move! I had already been through one office relocation, so I knew that I couldn’t do my full-time job plus the office move at the same time–or both would be done poorly. So, we brought in the experts to help. Meridian Relocation was the perfect partner for our project. We needed a company that could create all the complex planning elements – strategic plan, timeline schedule of activities, key checklists and an organizing system – and work with us in a monitoring capacity throughout the project via targeted team meetings and check-ins. This type of support worked perfectly for us and for my peace of mind that the project would be done right and that no details would be missed. Meridian takes a business approach to office relocation by considering operations and customer service, while also being right on top of all of the important details in the process. Meridian had a solid game plan right from the start. There was a tried-and-true process, sound procedures and turn-key materials that we followed throughout the project to keep the move on track. Meridian was great at communicating with us throughout the process. In fact, it’s what separates them from any other. I always knew where we were at in the process, the specific challenges we faced at each stage, and how each one was being addressed. I was always relieved to hear the move coordinator tell me “I can take care of that.” Meridian Relocation made our office relocation a total success! “

Amy Patterson
Director of Administration
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America



“When the United Way needed help consolidating its seven business offices throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, I referred them to a top notch firm which I have used for years – Meridian Relocation – for logistical help. Meridian created a strategic plan based on a phased-move approach and a timeline of activities to plan and manage the multiple transitions to keep the projects on schedule. Meridian Relocation worked successfully with the United Way to prepare the two new main facilities for
occupancy and to transition the organization’s business operations and customer service capabilities without any interruptions. Hats off to Meridian for handling such a complex requirement and enabling the United Way to achieve their transition goals!”

Susan Pepper
Real Estate Representative to the United Way, National Capital Area
Grubb & Ellis


“We used Meridian Relocation to establish a new business office for our national organization – and that turned out to be a great decision. We first engaged Meridian to
do a feasibility study of starting operations at a new facility and then used them again to establish the office and build our business infrastructure. We were extremely
happy with the results!  Meridian was a great partner throughout the project and brought such a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table. They worked with us hand-in-hand so that the process went smoothly and our new office was up-and-running right on time. What separates Meridian from the others is their valuable combination of industry expertise and superb customer service. We always felt like Meridian was part of our staff.”

Jennifer Harman
Operations Manager
National Association of Telecommunications



“The money we spent on a move coordinator far outweighed the other expenses we would have incurred if we had tried to figure it out on our own.  There were just too many details and Meridian took us through the process expertly. Their friendly and professional service gave us great relief that we were working with the right people.”

Carla Balakgie
Executive Director
Electronic Transactions Association


“We used Meridian to help us with our most important business transition – an executive staff transition.  Due to the great experience of working with Meridian – they were our first choice when we needed the service again.   Meridian worked closely with us throughout the process to identify quality candidates and keep the process
moving forward. Our transition specialist was knowledgeable, reliable and a pleasure to work with through the transition.  She ensured an organized and professional process, and also managed to make it enjoyable. Meridian’s top-notch materials of worksheets and checklists streamlined the process and I always knew the status at any given point.  Meridian’s approach was a huge plus and helped for a smooth and successful executive staff transition both times.  Meridian’s leadership of our transition team was the key to our success.”

Matt Schuster
Former Chair,Board of Directors
Alliance for Community Media


“I didn’t realize how many details were involved in the process. Without the help of Meridian, I wouldn’t have been able to get it all done on time and do my normal work.  Meridian Relocation was the perfect partner for our office transition.  Meridian developed a relocation strategy and task schedule and made sure all of the details were handled.  They did a superb job and I highly recommend them!”

Simone Frank
Vice President, Finance and Operations
New America Foundation



“Meridian was an integral part to the success of our move. Although we only moved a short distance, we still had to go through the process of constructing a new facility

and moving our business operations. Our move coordinator kept our move on track with excellent organization and planning. Meridian’s professional and friendly service made our move hassle-free and enjoyable. I recommend Meridian to any company that is moving.”





“I quickly found out that moving an office is a complex and time-consuming process. Meridian streamlined the effort for us with their expertise and materials of

checklists, templates and worksheets. The move coordinator worked closely with me and was always easily accessible and knowledgeable about how best to handle eachstage of the process so that we could affect a seamless transition. Meridian got us out of our old office space on time so that we didn’t incur extra expenses.”

Wes Teague
Former Senior Vice President


“We used the services of Meridian Relocation twice.  The first time was the move from our temporary offices to our newly built-out permanent office.  Meridian put together a plan that ensured we would not overlook any of the important transition details during the move.  The second time we used Meridian to help us develop an office closure plan that addressed all legal, organizational, and equipment issues that had to be handled.  I can recommend Meridian without reservation.  They are thorough, professional, and easy to work with.”

Andrew J. Guinosso
Former President & CEO
KAUST U.S. Limited