Sample Materials


What materials do other businesses use during the office relocation process? Review the items below and get some ideas for you relocation effort.


Move Notification Postcard

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America created this fun 4”x6” postcard to alert members and affiliates of their office move.






Purge Campaign Flyer

The New America Foundation used this fun, creative flyer as part of their Purge Campaign to encourage staff to eliminate old and outdated papers and other items prior to the move.









Sample Move Incentive

When Verisign moved its national headquarters, it created the “Race to Reston” campaign. This incentive program distributed pedometers to staff and encouraged them to build teams and wear the pedometers to track miles walked. The top three teams to reach 10,919 miles (company’s backbone length) were the winners! The program motivated staff and boosted morale.



Move Notification Postcard

When the Arlington County Office of Economic  Development moved to a new location, it used this creative 6”x9” announcement post card to alert constituents of the new location.






Move Notification Postcard

When AcademyHealth moved its national headquarters, they used this simple, but effective 4”x6” postcard to alert members and affiliates of their new contact information.





Post-Move Relocation Support Form

As part of their post-move activities, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors distributed a Relocation Support Form for staff to report any problems. The form – both hard copy and digital – allowed CSBS to track problems through completion, while also giving staff a voice to air issues that needed to be resolved. A box for staff to deposit the forms was kept in a central location, as you can see in the photo.







Move Notification Postcard

The DC Marketing Center developed this clever move notification postcard that features a cut-out card with the new contact information.





Move Notification Postcard

The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors used a  4”x5” blue postcard to stand out and announce their upcoming office move.






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