Real Estate Partners

Commercial Real Estate Representatives can gain the competitive edge and ensure their clients have a positive move experience with Office Relocation Toolkits and one-on-one assistance from relocation experts!

Effective Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Want to gain the competitive edge in your market sector, and enhance your performance and profitability while better serving your client’s needs? We can help. Partner with us to enhance your portfolio and provide a valuable new client service – move coordination. The Office Relocation Toolkit that includes live relocation assistance from move experts and valuable how-to information. You will have the ability to co-brand the move kit with your name and company logo, and make it available as a complimentary move incentive or an additional service. The Office Relocation Toolkit simplifies the move process and makes it understandable and easy, while providing businesses with expert assistance. The kit includes:

  • Two one-on-one sessions with a relocation expert: a how-to crash course on navigating the move process and a second meeting to help develop a transition plan, answer questions and troubleshoot issues.
  • The book, Move Your Office Like a Pro! Office Relocation in 7 Easy Steps
  • Move Your Office Like a Pro! Workbook: The Checklists and Worksheets
  • Downloadable templates
  • The Office Relocation Organizer and Management System, complete with action plans for the key subject areas.

Getting started is easy. Simply determine the quantity of kits you need and how you want to be identified on the co-branding label.  Contact us for quantity pricing or for more information on this and other marketing products.  Contact us at: