Products by Meridian Relocation

eridian Relocation provides reliable and affordable office move products and services that make relocation easy and hassle-free, putting you at ease and feeling confident about transitioning your business to a new facility. Our easy-to-use products, turn-key process, and professional expertise ensures a smooth transition and helps you to avoid disruptions to staff work flow and the delivery of customer service. And we offer affordable plans that make relocation assistance attainable for even small businesses.

With Meridian’s help, you can avoid such catastrophes as communications blackouts, logistical chaos, lost staff productivity, and overspending. Whether moving just down the street or across the country, Meridian works in partnership with you to create and execute a transition strategy that minimizes the disruption to daily operations and the delivery of customer service, while saving time, money and unneeded hassles.


Founded in 2002, Meridian knows that the key to relocation success is a combination of superior planning, organization, and access to resources –

and that a successful move is all about the details.

Meridian saves businesses time and money, and eliminates the risks associated with moving out on-time and becoming operational at the new site. Businesses in need of superior quality relocation services to maximize efficiency and cost savings turn to Meridian Relocation Services.

JM Duncan is the founder of Meridian Relocation and the Office Relocation Center.