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Want to get the most out of your new office so that it looks and functions just right for your business?

Don’t overlook the importance of the fast-growing trend of including Collaborative Space! And it’s no longer just for hanging out. It’s the new work area!

Google is long considered an innovator in creating collaborative work space with open-style staff seating and an abundance of casual meeting areas. But not all businesses can have this much open space for staff without compromising workflow and productivity.


What’s right for your business?
Assess your business culture and operations model to determine the type of collaborative space and openness that is right for your business.

Take a look at how another company incorporated collaborative area. When Living Social moved to a new office in Washington, DC, they chose to incorporate both open staff seating and meeting areas. With the theme of ‘fresh urban connections’ collaborative meeting spaces were included throughout the office that had the feel of parks.


Another approach was taken by VeriSign, during its recent headquarters move to Reston, Virginia. The technology company incorporated open-seating gathering areas and small meeting rooms throughout the eight-story building, as well as café bars on each floor.

An office move is the perfect time for change.
An office move is the perfect time to reassess your business operations and make determinations about how it will function at the new office . Examine the type of work environment that will help your employees thrive and maximize your business operations.


What do you think?
What type of collaborative areas would work best for your company, or what did you already accomplish in this area at your office? Share your thoughts with us.


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