Q: How can the Office Relocation Center help me relocate my office?

The Office Relocation Center contains all the information and resources you need to successfully relocate your office with confidence and ease and make your new office the best it can be. The site offers articles, relocation resources, success stories and professional products and services.


Q: Specifically, what can I do on the site?

The Office Relocation Center provides a variety of information and resources to help you successfully navigate the relocation process.  Check out some of the things you can do on the site:

  • Get help from the experts with the product and service bundles, such as Move Your Office Like A Pro! Office Relocation in Seven Easy Steps.
  • Read articles about how to navigate the process.
  • Obtain advice from the experts by asking a question–or review answers to past questions.
  • Review relocation success stories and see what people loved most about their new office.
  • Work one-on-one with an office relocation professional through the Office Relocation Help Center.


Q: What free resources are available?

The Office Relocation Center provides free information and resources to help you make your relocation a success. Read the 10 Absolute Must Do’s Before Relocating an Office and other items, as well as review the responses from ‘Ask the Experts.’


Q: What products and services are available for purchase?

The Office Relocation Center has developed the most affordable way to provide office relocation services through its comprehensive program: ‘Move Your Office Like a Pro! Office Relocation in Seven Easy Steps. The program helps you navigate every step of the office move process so that you always know what to do and when and can manage it with confidence and ease.

The toolkit includes the simple seven-step process, 50+ checklists and worksheets to make planning and execution a breeze, a master relocation schedule and checklist poster to keep the project on track, some additional bonus materials, and 1:1 sessions with a relocation expert to plan your move and create an action plan.  We have three options for service, ranging from a basic plan to a more robust offering with more professional help.


Q: How do I determine which plan is best for me?

The basic plan of Move Your Office Like A Pro! Office Relocation in Seven Easy Steps is the DIY option, where you get the process and all the materials. The Partner Plan also gives you a 1:1 session with a relocation professional to help create a custom relocation checklist for your move. The Partner Plus Plan adds additional 1:1 interaction with an expert so that you also leave with an action plan and have a higher level of access to the expert to help you plan your move.

In order to determine which plan is best for you, you will need to choose what level of assistance you would like from the relocation professional to help you navigate the process.


Q: How can I get help with my order?

Contact us with this form and you will receive a response within 24 hours. On most occasions, we are able to respond within the same day.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Any purchase can be returned within thirty days.


Q: How do I ask the relocation experts a question?

A: Anyone can pose a question to the relocation experts. Click here to ask a question, and browse answers to previous questions.


Q: How can I share my relocation success story with the Office Relocation Center?

A: We want to hear about your successes and in particular what you love about your new office! Email your comments and photos to us at info@officerelocationcenter.com