Q: How can the Office Relocation Center help me relocate my office?

The Office Relocation Center contains all the information and resources you need to successfully relocate your office with confidence and ease., as well as make your new office the best it can be. The site offers articles and tip sheets, sample move materials, and professional products and services.


Q: Specifically, what can I do on the site?

The Office Relocation Center provides a variety of information and resources to help you successfully navigate the relocation process.  Check out some of the things you can do on the site:


Q: What free resources are available?

All articles, tip sheets, responses from ‘Ask the Experts’ and sample move materials are all free of cost.


Q: What products and services are available for purchase?

There are a variety of office relocation products and services that are available., such as the how-to book ‘Move Your Office Like a Pro! Office Relocation in 7 Easy Steps,’ and the workbook of checklists and worksheets, as well as one-on-one assistance from the relocation experts. Bundled packages range from the Starter Package, which is the most economical way to get professional help,  and up to full-service assistance.


Q: How do I determine which level of service is best for me?

Assess your knowledge base of the office relocation process and your available staff resources to enact the transition. That will help you determine the type of assistance you need. Having interaction with a relocation professional throughout the process, as some of the packages provide, gives you a higher level of expert participation to help you navigate the process and troubleshoot issues as they arise.


Q: How much do the products and services cost?

The Office Relocation Starter Package is a bargain and includes a crash course taught by a relocation professional. Other packages are available that involve more professional assistance and go up to full-service move coordination, where a relocation professional handles the move for you as your single-point-of-contact. Go to Professional Assistance for more details.


Q: How do I obtain assistance with my order?

Email info@officerelocationcenter.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours, although we try to respond within the same day to order questions.


Q: How do I ask the relocation experts a question?

A: Anyone can pose a question to the relocation experts. Click here to ask a question. 


Q: How do I post my sample relocation materials to share with others?

A: Simply email the sample material with a description to info@officerelocationcenter.com