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Plan ElementsOffice Relocation Starter
Office Relocation
Assistance Package #1
Office Relocation
Assistance Package #2
Full-Service Assistance
Book: Move Your Office Like a Pro!
Office Relocation in 7 Easy Steps
Move Your Office LIke a Pro! Workbook: The Checklists and Worksheets
The key charts, checklists and worksheets to take you through the office relocation process with confidence.
Office Relocation Planner
This poster-sized planner features a checklist of relocation tasks so that you don’t miss a thing, plus a ‘Key Dates’ worksheet to identify and track your milestone activities.
Office Move To-Do Notepad
This handy notepad allows you to track your weekly to-dos, calls and project notes. The 6”x9” notepad conveniently tucks inside a purse, portfolio or binder pocket.
Crash Course on Office Relocation
This important training session is given by a relocation professional to teach you the ins and outs of how experts enact a successful office transition. You will also be able to have questions answered about your situation.
Office Relocation Organizer & Management System
This custom binder system includes the Project Management Guide, key Action Plans with to-dos and pitfalls, and seven subject tabs to get organized, manage the details, and stay in control of your move.
Downloadable Relocation Templates
Don’t reinvent the wheel, access key forms, checklists, charts, and worksheets that you can customize for your project.
Relocation Experts Work with You to Help You Succeed
Work with a relocation professional during your move to get help with assessing your situation, making a plan, guiding you through the process, and being available to help you troubleshoot problems, right up until the move day.
2 meetings
4 meetings
Pre-Move Audit
Meridian conducts a pre-move audit of your project during the month leading up to the move. Meridian will review your status, spot any red flags, and help you to prepare for and navigate this important time period.
Email Access to Relocation Experts
Have access to relocation experts during your move to respond to questions, provide guidance and help troubleshoot problems.
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Phone Access to Relocation Experts
Get live assistance from relocation professionals via phone to guide you through the process and help troubleshoot issues as they arise.
Meridian creates the key planning materials for you
Meridian Relocation assesses your unique move situation and creates the transition plan, master relocation schedule of duties, and a labeling system.
Meridian Relocation professionals do it all for you
Relocation experts plan and manage your relocation effort from start to finish, until you are successfully relocated at the new facility.