Should I purchase move insurance?

There are two main types of move insurance. The first is general move insurance, which protects your items from damage and loss during the move. It’s your responsibility to purchase this type. Check with your business insurance provider to see if your existing policy covers move damages. If not, ask if they can provide the coverage as an add-on. As well, the larger movers sell general move insurance, usually at market-rate and replacement values. Note that movers do provide a free level of this insurance, which is usually reimbursable usually at 60-cents per pound, which wouldn’t help you recoup much of the loss. The other main type of insurance is liability insurance, which movers carry to cover any damages that occur to floors, walls or other parts of the building. This insurance is typically provided by the mover at no cost to you, but some movers may charge for this. Most commercial buildings require that movers carry this insurance.