About the Office Relocation Center

Welcome to the Office Relocation Center, your information central for the office relocation process! The Center provides you with all the information, tools and resources you need to enact a successful office move and make your new office facility the best it can be.

If you’re involved with relocating your business, don’t worry about not knowing what to do. You will find everything you need right here to help you through every step of the process – project planning tools, ideas for your new facility, coordinating the effort, and getting your business running at full capacity again at the new facility.

We hear time and again that the most worrisome part of the office move process is trying to navigate the unknowns. That’s certainly understandable because if you don’t know what to do or when, then you can put your business at risk for operational downtime, cost overruns or a communications blackout.

The Office Relocation Center helps remove the unknowns in the process by arming you with the right tools and resources to help you achieve relocation success.

How can I use this site to help with my office relocation?

  • Read articles and other information about the relocation process.
  • Use our Office Relocation Self-Assessment tool.
  • Sign up to receive relocation tips, information and to learn about successes.
  • Ask a question about relocation and get advice from the experts, and review answers to past questions.
  • Work with a relocation professional to help enact a successful transition.
  • Use the Move Your Office Like A Pro! Office Relocation in Seven easy steps toolkit.


The Office Relocation Center was founded by Jacci Duncan, corporate relocation specialist, who has spent more than a decade relocating and reorganizing businesses. She is the founder of Meridian Relocation, a full-service relocation management firm.